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Shaping spaces with timeless designs, we aspire to be a globally recognized professional development company, providing solutions in the field of commercial and residential luxury buildings.


Positively impacting the lives of all the clients we work with and leaving a lasting impression on their minds and imaginations. That our designs inspire the hearts and minds of all who look at them. Our long-term goals are always to stick to our core values. Our mission is to always go the extra mile to provide exclusive customer service to our customers.

Eng. Hala Mahmoud Eskandarani words

Interior Design

There have been conflicting concepts in our Arab world about the fields of design, engineering and architecture. For this reason, I will explain on this page about the specialty of interior design engineering and what are the capabilities of an interior design engineer.
An interior design engineer is a person who has obtained an academic degree in the field of engineering after a five-year study. He specializes in understanding the architectural and structural aspects of interior spaces. He is able to mix art and science in designing spaces in a practical and thoughtful manner. That is why he is called an interior architect in the West.
The profession of interior design engineering is known for its inclusion of multiple aspects, as it relies on the implementation of technical solutions inside buildings commensurate with the objectives of the project, with the application of all methods, research and analyzes that help in creating an organized internal environment and achieving a comfortable lifestyle, as it designs and develops the architectural plan from its perspective and imagination, spaces in their final form.
In the study of the project, the engineer considers the ratio and proportionality in the spaces and in the pieces of furniture placed in them based on their proportions and on the number of people using this space and their method of movement.
The engineer draws the lighting and electricity plans. Lighting is a very important element to highlight the beauty of the place, so it must be distributed in a correct and thoughtful way, since it is considered pieces of art that must be carefully chosen to suit the space and its use. It also distributes airconditioning in proportion to the decorations of ceilings or walls in the best way possible, practically and visually, and also distributes sanitary kits.
The engineer sets a color plan suitable for the place psychologically and visually, considering the client’s preferences and the function of the space.
The most person who tries to utilize spaces in a practical and aesthetic way at the same time is the interior design engineer. According to the agreement, the engineer will purchase the materials and furniture pieces, considering the project budget, as it is above all that the customer’s satisfaction is his goal. Also, by agreement, it is preferable for the engineer to supervise the implementation of the project, given his knowledge of the smallest details and his keenness to implement it.
Finally, the interior design engineer connects and mixes all of the above to draw the final artwork for the project.

Hala Mahmoud Eskandarani